About Us


At home and abroad "baklava" the first brand that comes to mind with the mention of Baklavaci Güllüoğlu, Turkey is a deep-rooted oak flavor. The adventure, which started in Gaziantep in 1871, delivers Turkish desserts to 30 countries in the world and 6 countries on 3 continents with the production understanding of M. Nejat Güllü, which does not compromise on quality. Mastery of generations of continuing with a global brand to return to the Baklavaci Güllüoğlu also has a training school in the status of Turkey's baklava master.

Today, Baklavacı Güllüoğlu, who has enjoyed the famous baklava of Antep, the pride of Turkish cuisine, continues its activities in the "biggest baklava production facility in the world" with a 7 thousand m2 closed area established in 2001 in Kağıthane. In the facilities where technology and handcraft meet, besides baklava and water pastry varieties, the production of cake, Turkish delight, ice cream, chocolate, dough, donut and bagel are also prepared with the principle of "quality flavor" and offered to people from different regions extending from Saudi Arabia to America. Adding a new flavor to its wide product range every day, Güllüoğlu develops products at European standards in its R&D and Quality Development Laboratory and works 24 hours to deliver Güllüoğlu flavor to the largest cities of the world…

Today; New York, New Jersey - Cliffside Park, Miami, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Brussels, Riyadh, Istanbul, Bursa, Izmit and Ankara, Baklavacı Güllüoğlu has 30 branches in 6 countries in 3 continents, in the near future China, Saudi Arabia, America Will continue to open new flavor stops to many cities of Canada and Europe, and make the flavors universalized with quality to the world.